Be A Changemaker

Taking a cue from our mentor, Christina Pearson, founder of the first organization for folks with BFRBs AND the QUEEN of BFRBs (eg the person we owe this community to in the first place), our committees will be called "Wisdom Circles" because our lived experience has brought us deep understanding of this mental health issue.

BFRB Changemakers is a community based organization run by volunteers who are passionate about supporting mutual recovery, healing and hope for people with BFRBs.

So please consider volunteering your time:

  • Programming Circle

    We are a wealth of knowledge and hope! Join this Circle to put together seasonal in-person events and recurring virtual speaker sessions. Tasks will include event planning, selecting speakers and scheduling! Let's make a CONFERENCE happen!

  • Youth Circle

    We are all here because we don't want the young ones to go through the pain we did with BFRBs. This circle is meant to support our youngest community members AND their PARENTS!

  • Research Review Circle

    Are you great with synthesizing large amounts of scientific detail into simplified language for the rest of us? We could use that sorta help!

  • Communications Circle

    Help get the word out! If you are great with communications through newsletters and social media OR have a knack for graphic design, websites, PR, etc., then this Circle is for you!

  • Finance/Admin Circle

    Help keep track of budgets, donations and outgoings. Finance / Accounting background preferred.

  • Fundraising Circle

    Coordinate fundraising events, identify grants and possible donors to help cover the costs of supporting the BFRB community with event programming.

When emailing, please mention the Circle you want to join and your experience / qualifications.