What does the Non-Profit Alliance Do?

Leaders from Alliance organizations meet every few months to ideate and take action together. This could be working together on social media awareness campaigns, planning events or coming up with new ideas that support the BFRB community. If you know a BFRB-related organization leader that should join the BFRB Community Alliance, please connect us via email.

  • PickingME Foundation

    Picking Me Foundation is dedicated to advocating for Dermatillomania Awareness (Skin Picking Disorder), educates medical professionals and encourages individuals to choose themselves by "#PickingMe over Skin Picking."

  • Not Alone Notes

    Not Alone Notes mails handwritten notes to caregivers and individuals living with OCD and related conditions (like BFRBs) to remind them they aren’t alone, encourage hope, and dispense resources.

  • The Lyder Foundation

    The Lyder Foundation is redefining barriers in communities of color for individuals living with BFRBs with education, access, equity, and resources.

  • BFRB UK & Ireland

    Coming Soon

  • CRCC

    Coming soon

  • Add yours?

    Contact us to join the BFRB Non-Profit Alliance!